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0300 is the hour of dull buzz of the escalator and metal fixtures
befriending mannequins chasing dust bunnies
all under a cloud of silent midnight and cigarette smoke
0803 is the lullabies of Sun Glitters playing in your left ear ;
soft rain, faraway sounds of a morning radio talk show in your right
all a mixed state of semi consciousness
in and out of a sleepy haze, slow fading
jolted back into the real world where a slow jam
like slow death is
the cab driver mutters about traffic and the accident that
took place left milk cartons with a motorcycle smashed
white liquid streaming out onto the cold asphalt
mixed with rainwater and grease
romantic poetry in motion
finally rolling back home
pay the cab driver
leave him a tip for driving safely
because safety first and the streets are slippery
but the light morning drizzle feels like rebirth on your skin, renewed
float up the stairs down the corridor through the doors through the scent of chamomile and peach leaf bubbles
into b
:icon7ucille:7ucille 0 0
filth is manifesting itself within this rotting soul
but your love shatters the grime stained glass with
sounds of church bells and wind chimes pulling
with them white lights in exploding prisms of silhouettes of angels and
in that moment i see only you
.and forget my own existence
:icon7ucille:7ucille 1 0
Chaste Blood
like Callisto, an art
she warms your heart
from virgin lips
pale, seduced
bruised to no end
needle to petal
sin in flesh
:icon7ucille:7ucille 1 0
we built this wall of stone planted with tulips and green bricks
to tear it all back down, watching it crumble
and building it up again
we are screaming at each other
noise upon noise
and you are seething so much
i can taste your anger
smelling my own fear
digging up bad hatches
throwing flamed torches
can we surrender our guns
make love like when we were young
can i paint roses on your knees
freckles on your cheeks
doves on your hands
and kiss them when old wounds slow to cease
'just be nice to me' you said
would you still feel anything
if i cleaned my mess
from the bathroom
took out the trash
made you your favourite eggs (always in twos)
and smiled at you first thing every morning
would you still feel anything
if i secretly studied your face
in the darkness of the car
and told you to shut up when you found out
the light hasn't dimmed
but moths are coming
and pages are turning yellow
don't burn them
:icon7ucille:7ucille 7 5
Let Us Cherish No Illusions by 7ucille Let Us Cherish No Illusions :icon7ucille:7ucille 5 2 Child's Play by 7ucille Child's Play :icon7ucille:7ucille 1 5
Within The Waves
dawn; the ship sliced through the water of teal
sparkling prettiness
making them like a mess of white weaves
of thread spun round quick quick quick
then torn apart and spun
dusk; they belonged to thousands
of long snow haired sea nymphs
thrashing about in the black abyss
they are helpless, soulless
begging to be taken to shore
their cries too gentle to be picked up
soon after slowly disappearing
along with the ship's fading light
i sat till i couldn't feel my legs
:icon7ucille:7ucille 6 0
Let The Cities Be Your Lovers
bring that broken heart to a foreign land
the same one you had when your teacher chose another
kid over you as a child
let the cities be your lovers
embrace the air that heals you from within
you know it would never leave you breathless
like transient sights accompanying the dawn before ;
they are only pieces of memories that you keep,
roasting coffee beans, raindrops
morning greetings, a stranger's jawline
his playful lips
the bitter black liquid that suddenly tasted sweet
a name card
dinner is Chinese take-out, ginger beer
better clean the vomit off that marble floor
you head to an expensive bar with
Eau de parfum on your wrists
stockings of black
and vengeance between your legs
a drop too many of poisons upon poisons
you know very well what it does to you
heavy breathing, rough hands
a cat and mouse game
torn dress
it is raining, wet messy hair but you feel beautiful that way
stained coins from the previous night's cab drive
that you used to make a call
and hung up because
:icon7ucille:7ucille 9 7
For dead-neon-light by 7ucille For dead-neon-light :icon7ucille:7ucille 4 6 Lamp2 by 7ucille Lamp2 :icon7ucille:7ucille 1 11 Fierce And Fabulous by 7ucille Fierce And Fabulous :icon7ucille:7ucille 5 26
Set In Stone
you always had that incandescent mystery
illuminating those eyes of black
the kind i'd never seen in others
it always felt like they were
reaching into my most intimate thoughts
whenever mine met yours
and the fire within you
for anything
i never took it as novelty
it ignited itself inside me
and everything i stood for
but lately
my eccentricities seem to be
getting me into trouble
the pedestal i set you on
time cannot shake or crack it
even the tendrils and roots
wrestle under the foundation
in vain
let it be known, my darling
that i will never put out the light
in my eyes as long as you are near and breathing
unless you decide to put yours out first
:icon7ucille:7ucille 5 20
allow me to undress your logic
and reach under the crevices of your bones
to your glowing soul
:icon7ucille:7ucille 11 7
Linger by 7ucille Linger :icon7ucille:7ucille 5 54
Early Friday Morning
branches and leaves of the trees
are silhouettes set against the starless indigo sky
i breathe in the night and
all the lovers sighing in their lovers' arms
sharing skin and the rhythm of their heartbeats
such sensuality in the air
there is something rich and darkly romantic
about the weather at 0309hrs
:icon7ucille:7ucille 10 17
Alice Glass 3 by 7ucille Alice Glass 3 :icon7ucille:7ucille 2 0




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'There is a bit of the feral animal in all of us'
Love is being inspired to write just by lying beside the person


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when people set up their dA accounts, they sometimes
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birthday, so happy birthday! <333
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Hey you HELLO.
Thanks sweetie yes you are quite accurate there.
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hiiii c:
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You're okay, right?
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Hey sorry for disappearing! I'm still around i was just really busy with stuff which i just journaled on. How are things!
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